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We plan and install every aspect of your custom network cabling project. We work with different types of telephony or data wirings, such as CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6A, to ensure the fastest network connection.

By default, our team is dispatched to the service location and we help you to plan your installation, this service is free for our commercial customers, and it helps to ensure lower costs and less wasted materials.


Our team visits the site and reviews the floor plans or simple plans to prepare and ensure everything is reviewed, avoiding errors or challenges in the cabling projects, as each network has a different requirement. In addition, the planning maximizes the company's ROI (return on investment).

To get a good result, the backbone of the company's networks is vital to your business.


Practices used in installations and cabling services:

  • Latest updated test procedure on Fiber, Cable, CAT5 CAT5e & CAT6;​


  • We handle generic telecommunications cabling for customer premises such as data and voice;​

  • We handle all telecommunications cabling from commercial buildings to new installations and repairs;

  • Alarm management system, wireless networks, distributed antenna systems, paging system, PABX, and intercom systems.



Remember that we can install or help terminate your connections with your data center and/or wiring closets.

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