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With the AMT 8000 wireless alarm center, Intelbras in partnership with Skills Telecom brings you the possibility of being able to count on monitoring up to 64 zones of your building. Intelbras sensors are completely wireless, ensuring practicality in installation and greater coverage range, in addition to reducing over 80% in the cost of your infrastructure and providing a clean look.

Have the opportunity to disarm the system at selected points, maintaining surveillance in other locations that are not being used.

Control your security in the palm of your hand with the AMT Remote Mobile app. It allows interactivity with all devices, making it possible to activate/deactivate, view status and cancel zones.


The Intelbras PABX telephony was designed with high technology to guarantee maximum quality in the expansion of communication, guaranteeing up to 4 lines and 12 wireless extensions for your company.


The Intelbras MIBO security camera was developed for indoor and outdoor environments and can be used in homes, businesses and offices. With unique technology, MIBO has absolute control through smartphones, from the live viewing of environments to the recording and deletion of videos. In addition, it has an integrated microphone, audio output, and night vision mode.

Guarantee yours now and have access to the latest in the market!

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